The worst is how life
how you wish it’d resist,
so you’d have something
someone, somehow
to fight

but another day comes
and another day goes
and the whole world spins
while no one knows that yours stopped
back there, somewhere

“You’ll be alright”
as if she wasn’t summer coming through your window,
sunlight resting on your shoulder
still yet the moon while you’d hold her
as if you wanted a night without her,
to ever be “alright” without her
when your grief
is all you have left about her
“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”
but what if you’re no longer …. you
so who
and for God’s sake.. why?
%@&# – WHY?!

what now?

clean, wait, cry,
weep, throw up, try,
breathe, hold on, toss, turn,
walk, run, hurt, hope, heal, learn
still remember
everyday remember

Remember her smile, how you could fit the sun inside it;
how you let your world revolve behind it
gravity defied it, collided
and how you never wanted anything in return anyway;
anything to return to the way
it was before she came;
that it was all a gift –
a song, given away
and then,
– sing.


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