a silent saturday

It’s a silent Saturday.

Sh, quiet yourself for awhile in the sunlight, and you will hear it.

It’s the silence of love. The truest of loves; a love story, unlike ones we often enjoy.

The love stories we like to live and tell are of our desires fulfilled, needs met and obtaining our beloved. But that is not the story of Jesus on Saturday.

Before his death, he was abandoned and betrayed by even his closest of friends, everyone he loved so deeply. He was lied about and forgotten, standing silently alone at his end. This is the love we witness in the body of  Jesus, as He lie in the depths of the tomb, rejected by the whole world, sealed away by a frozen hush.

This love story is not a story of fulfillment, but of unfulfillment. A story of loss and unrequited love that led Jesus to follow the way of cost.  This love leads Him to the loss of Himself, the giving up of any desire for acceptance or embracing of Himself.

This kind of love doesn’t necessarily meet our needs or desires. This love story is tragic, and yet more beautiful than others, because it does not seek its own. It is patient and kind, forgetting  wrongdoings. It is whispered, not shouted. It is even silent, only seen by and within the eyes of beloved ones. It is costly and always painful.

But this love never gives up; no, this love.   never.   gives.   up.

True love is hopeful, beyond the present mourning. The loss of your beloved is not forever. Even as you sit quietly by a window and look out into the world and wonder, this love is there in that silence. It is present and secretly working.

This love wins in the end. It does not lie in the grave forever. On the third day, Jesus who is dejected by the world is accepted by God. Jesus, who is abandoned by all, is embraced by God.

Jesus, who goes to His death unloved is raised up by the great love of God.

When you sit quietly there, beloved, in the light of Saturday morning, feeling as if your own love seems to be achieving nothing … you are actually there with Jesus in the tomb. And God’s true love is at work in the silence.

Sh, can you feel it?

When you are living with a love in your heart that costs you deeply; when your deepest desires go unmet and unfulfilled; when your love seems to be accomplishing nothing; when your love is even tragically quiet and waiting, you are experiencing the love that leads to Easter.

This love may lead us into graves, but God’s great work is leading us through Saturday into Sunday.

And so we wait.


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