Where is God? #Paris

And you, who once were alienated and enemies in your mind by wicked works, yet now He has reconciled”  (Colossians 1)

When tragedy strikes, when evil lashes from its corners of our world, this is often our question, “Where is God?”

But there is a most subtle kind of evil at work in our good world.

It’s an evil of which God is most concerned.  Its devastation is unrelenting.

It is the darkness that lies dormant in the human heart — Your and my heart, fellow human being.

It is awakened most violently when we are attacked.  When we are a victim of the bite of evil, revenge and malice come boiling up out of our hearts, an infection rabidly foaming from our lips. Mutating from that sludge, syllables, words and phrases evolve, however cloaked in righteous cosmetics about punishment, judgement and hell.

But Christ wants to heal us from this infection, and protect us from its rampant outbreak, by showing us how to respond to it.  He shows us by bearing the worst of it, and thus His is the best medicine we have.

Precisely when a fellow human being has thrown the worst at you is the moment to look upon the Cross of Christ.

You can fathom doing the worst evils imaginable to your enemy when you have an image of a God that sanctions such things. But there is God.

You can desire the pain and agony and death of your attacker when you forget where God was when you were an enemy. But there is God.

There is God, healing you.

There is God, revealing His way.

There is God, forgiving enemies.

There is God.


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